“This year, EV4GH celebrates its 10th anniversary,   among others through a series of blogs from EV alumni from various cohorts.  Since the first EV venture in Antwerp/Montreux (2010), the programme & network have evolved considerably, and we thought it would be nice to see how EV alumni reflect themselves on the experience and the network, especially with hindsight, but also looking ahead, with a new EV venture (2020, Dubai) coming up !  In the coming months, a series of blogs will be published, starting early August 2019.”

The EV effect – tangibles and intangibles

Participating in the 2014 “Cape Town” edition of Emerging Voices was a great experience in itself. It opened the doors to help me imagine more creative and interesting communication of my research. More importantly, I was able to interact with other young researchers from around the world and learn about methods they were using for their work. I can say that in a quiet way, the EV venture provided me the little nudge I needed to publish (occasionally with other EVs and mentors!) and to enroll for doctoral studies. I also feel more aware of what is going on in global health due to the active EV Google Group. These have been critical changes since the program. However, what has been most interesting to witness is the growing stature of several of my fellow EVs. While I always needed to push myself to engage with audiences, it has been a pleasure to see my fellow EVs take (and occasionally take over) important stages to communicate important messages. Be it talking to prominent leaders or appearing on television to participate in discussions, EVs are seen everywhere in the sphere of global health. EVs are also regularly participating in, organizing and contributing to webinars, which are an effective way to disseminate knowledge and skills to global audiences. I have attended some of these, and found them very useful. This is inspiring, because we surely need our voices heard in the context of the most pressing issues all around us. Some of these EVs have also been kind enough to review my work and provide me with feedback when I have approached them. I can say that being a part of this network has been very useful, in many tangible and intangible ways.

Adithya Pradyumna

(EV2014, PhD student with the Health Impact Assessment Research Group at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Basel, Switzerland)

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