The governance of EV4GH is by a governance group consisting of EV4GH alumni and with representation from Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp where EV4GH was conceived. The secretariat (2015-16) is located at the Institute of Public Health, Bangalore, India. EV4GH has a globally representative governance structure comprised of the following members. See also the history of EV4GH and the current call.

Harish-facultyPrashanth Nuggehalli Srinivas (Faculty, Institute of Public Health, Bangalore) (South-East Asian region) – Chair 
Prashanth is a medical doctor with a specialisation in public health. For his PhD, he studied organisational change in a local health system setting. He is involved in teaching face-to-face and e-learning courses on health management, health policy and systems research methods. He has an interest in strengthening primary health care and works with wildlife scientists and ecologists on topics related to the interface between health and environment. In his free time, he is a passionate birdwatcher, wikipedia editor, social media enthusiast and a closet-naturalist.
“My ultimate goal is to facilitate EV4GH as a disruptive movement that shifts focus of global health and development community towards equitable health worldwide”

    Prashanth N S

Harish-facultyKopano Mabaso (liaison with HS Global) 
Dr. Kopano Matlwa Mabaso is a South African medical doctor and author currently reading for a DPhil in Population Health at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Kopano represents Emerging Voices and other young health systems researchers on the board of Health Systems Global.
Kopano is the founder of Transitions Foundation, an NGO that provides educational support to young South Africans from disadvantaged backgrounds and is co-founder of Ona Mtoto Wako, an initiative that seeks to take lifesaving antenatal health care to pregnant women living in remote and rural parts of low income countries. Kopano believes that the Emerging Voices are the turning point generation!

 Kopano Mabaso

Harish-facultyElena Vargas (Independent Researcher) (Region of the Americas) – Secretary 
Medical Doctor and Public Health Practitioner. Involved in research projects that aimed to improve quality of care in primary healthcare services and access to sexual and reproductive healthcare for adolescents in Nicaragua, Ecuador and Bolivia. General physician in underserved rural communities in Nicaragua.
“I expect the EV movement becomes an example of how young health researchers and activists from different backgrounds and with a diversity of perspectives can work together to exchange and develop new ideas for strengthening health systems. Big dreams, big challenges :)”

   Elena Vargas

Harish-facultyDorcus Kiwanuka Henrikson (Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University in Sweden) (East/South African region) – co-chair 
Dorcus Kiwanuka Henriksson is a Ugandan medical doctor by training with a Master of Public health. She is a research Officer and PhD candidate affiliated to Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University in Sweden. She has worked within the field of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa and has also worked within the broader health sector within the public sector both at the central and district level. She has also worked with Non-Governmental organizations, bilateral and multilateral organizations.
Her current research interests are in Health Systems and policy, and having worked as a District Health Officer, her research currently focuses on how to improve health systems by focusing on the district level and district managers and finding ways to meaningfully engage and empower the community.

“My ultimate goal is to have the voices of young health systems researchers heard at the global level”

Dorcus Kiwanuka Henrikson

Harish-facultyJin Xu (Peking University) (Western Pacific region) Co -treasurer 
DJin Xu is associated with Peking University China Centre for Health Development Studies, and a PhD candidate at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. He is working on analyzing the balance between primary care providers and hospitals in China using mixed methods.
“I see the Emerging Voices movement as empowering young researchers to be change agents of health systems research and global health, using innovative ways of training and collaboration.”

    Jin Xu

Harish-facultySophia Thomas (Institute of Public Health, Bangalore) (South-East Asian region) – Secretary 
Sophia has completed her Masters in Public Health (MPH). Her interests are Global health, Health policy and planning, and Social and behavioural sciences.

“I am glad to be working in EV4GH, which promotes young researchers as myself. I hope this initiative echoes the voices of ‘young dynamos’ across the globe to bring about a positive change in the health systems, especially in the developing countries.”

Sophia Thomas

Harish-faculty Arsene Kpangon (University of Parakou) (West/Central African region)
Arsene Kpangon worked at University of Parakou (Benin Republic) as a Public Health research assistant. As infectious diseases specialist with public health competencies, he is focused on health systems challenges in presence of constraints represented by HIV, TB, and Ebola in Africa settings. Arsene is very present in the activities of overall health, evidenced by his multiple interventions in several discussions on the forum of EVs, publications in the newsletter of international health policies, and his online mobilization against Ebola.
“About future of EVGH I think that with daily effort and resilience in EVs group, we would help the world to improve health system conditions.”

   Arsene Kpangon

Harish-faculty Kristof Decoster (liaison with ITM) Public Health Department, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp.
Kristof Decoster has a background in political science and has been working at the ITM since October 2007. He currently focuses on the International Health Policies newsletter and network, and has been involved in Emerging Voices since the start of the program. He’s the liaison with ITM in the current EV governance team.
“I hope Emerging Voices for Global Health can first of all become truly “networked individuals” and, building on this, become HPSR and global health change agents in their countries, at the regional and global level. And why not, while we’re at it, at the level of the universe :)!”

Kristof Decoster

Harish-faculty Asmat Malik (Independent Consultant) (Eastern Mediterranean region) – co-chair
Asmat Malik, a medical doctor and systems analyst by training with PhD in Health Policy and Systems from the University of Queensland, Australia has been working over 18-years in South and South-East Asia and Africa. He is an international expert on developing Comprehensive Multi-year Plans for Immunization Systems. Having thorough insights in developing health system strengthening initiatives under infrastructure constrained and resource limited settings, he has tested innovative strategies for strengthening health service delivery and translated these initiatives into national health systems and programs.
“I wish to see EV4GH “driving global health agenda”

    Asmat Malik

Harish-facultyVladimir Gordeev (London School Of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine) (European region) – treasurer 
Dr Vladimir S. Gordeev has a background in internal medicine, economics and public health, and has been working at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine since 2013.
He is currently working on improving the impact metrics design and metrics testing related to maternal and newborn health in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Nepal, Tanzania and Uganda.
“I hope that EV4GH will become a resilient network of bright young public health champions and will connect leaders that will write together new chapters in the history of global public health and health systems”

   Vladimir Gordeev

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