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Emerging Voices 2018 distance coaching phase launched

The distance coaching phase of the sixth edition of Emerging Voices for Global Health (EV4GH) initiative by Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp   was officially launched on 6th July by the EV secretariat hosted at IPH Bengaluru. This distance coaching phase constitutes the first of the two part program which will culminate in the Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Liverpool, to be held on 8-12 October 2018.  The work towards this year’s programme began months ago with the secretariat receiving more than 500 applicants from 80 countries across the globe. The 38 candidates who made the cut, to be called the Emerging Voices of 2018, have embarked on a journey which will prepare them in months of July-September through online coaching, followed by face-to-face training in Liverpool later this year. The aim of these sessions is to help them develop better communication skills tailored to the needs of the research community and its audience.  In addition to young researchers, this year we also welcome other health system actors such as policy makers, health activists, journalists to join this prestigious programme.

The distance coaching phase of this program consists of six modules spread across nine weeks. This phase is to help the participants familiarise themselves with the format of the programme, hone research presentation skills and get to know their fellow EVs and the various areas of interest that they represent. Throughout this phase the participants will be supported by the team at IPH and a team of facilitators with expertise in different thematic areas of public health. The end goal of this part of the programme is to help the participants develop a presentation and a poster/policy brief on a public health topic chosen by them.

This first week of the programme started off with introductions by EVs and facilitators with many of them sharing with us some really inviting pictures from their countries, places they would like us to visit. The array of beautiful places shared by the participants reminded us of all the beauty around the world and definitely got us a case of itchy feet!

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Emerging Voices Winners of 2016


I work at the institute of public health in Bengaluru. I am health systems research working on various topics related to strengthening health systems . I went to the emerging voices training program in the year 2010. Program has enormously help me with trying to find a balance between focussing on rigorous research as well as trying to see that the research gets into impact. This year in November 2016 the emerging voices of global health is going to be welcoming a fresh batch of young researchers who will pass through the EV training program.


Prashanth N S

I work at the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp. I have been involved in the EV 2012. I mainly focusses emerging voices on social media, communication and how to make their presentation look more visually appealing and engaging. I also have been involved in the distance learning phase of the program and it is nice to get them with the EV's in advance and watch its progress. I think to be an EV is also great fun I see that they form friendships and the broader network which are also essential parts over the EV experiences.


Ildiko Bokros

I was an Emerging Voice for Global Health in 2014. The program enabled me to gain a strong understanding of the macro-level trends, debates, and discussions in health systems research. Being a part of the EV network has given me an opportunity to collaborate with alumni and encouraged me to become a more active blogger and more effective communicator.


Kerry Scott

Being an EV has provided the platform to be a changemaker speak my mind right and engage differently the opportunities extend beyond the program and had described such opportunity has been critical for one's Korea in health systems research from one young researcher to another.


Shakira Choonara

Inspired set of mentors, a great family, the best platform to raise your voice, share ideas and learning from others - this is what being an EV has meant to me. It empowers us to take on the most important health challenges of today and the future.


Erlyn Macarayan